Chonkbeam Lite by ArthisRoo

By ArthisRoo · High Levels, Midrange, and RushEdit deck

  • 1 mana1
    Green PrototypesGreen Prototypes5
  • 2 mana2
    Gifted RecruitsGifted Recruits5
  • 2 mana2
    Spare DragonlingSpare Dragonling5
  • 2 mana2
    Wild SaberpawsWild Saberpaws5
  • 3 mana3
  • 3 mana3
    Potion of GrowthPotion of Growth5
  • 3 mana3
    Wandering WyrmsWandering Wyrms5
  • 4 mana4
    Beasts of TerrorBeasts of Terror5
  • 4 mana4
    Edrik the FierceEdrik the Fierce5
  • 4 mana4
    Witches of the WildWitches of the Wild5
  • 5 mana5
    Sunbeam SerpentsSunbeam Serpents5
  • 6 mana6
    Broodmother QordiaBroodmother Qordia5

This deck (level ~5.00) is made of 12 cards: 11 units, 0 structure, and 1 spell. It contains 6 different races.

Its average speed is 0.83 cell on play. Its average mana cost is 3.25. 6 cards can be played as the first player (5 of them moving the front line), 10 as the second player (7 of them moving the front line).

No particular suggestions could be found for that deck. It likely means this is a solid and well balanced deck, so kudos and enjoy playing it! 🎉

If you think something should be said about it however, please get in touch with Kitty#1909 on Discord to discuss potential improvements.