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  • GiftedHippos has organized Retro Tournament .
    Only cards available from the release of the game!
  • GiftedHippos has organized Outcasts Tournament.
    Theres so many cards in this game that almost never get played... They need some love! Players must win using some of the trashiest cards that Stormbound has to offer.
  • GiftedHippos has organized Alphabet Soup Tournament.
    Players can only use the starting letter for their cards’ names once! For example, one cannot play both Greengale Serpents and Green Prototypes.
  • GiftedHippos has organized Snowball Tournament 2.
    The Snowball tournament begins with 6 mana (7 for the second player). The goal of the tournament was to compose heavy decks with level 3 cards only, which can start strong right from the opening move.
  • GiftedHippos has organized Heartguards Tournament.
    A level 3 tournament where all decks are required to play Hearthguards. Siegebreakers and Guardi the Lightbringer are banned.
  • GiftedHippos has organized Gifted Level 3 Tournament.
    The first tournament hosted by GiftedHippos. It was also the first level 3 tournaments.
  • GiftedHippos has set up an Ironclad deck with tags High Levels and Midrange called Ubass Guards.
    + Toggle deck display
  • GiftedHippos has won the 🥈 silver medal in Ancient Tournament.
  • GiftedHippos has won the 🥇 gold medal in Rebirth Tournament.