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Kepp is one of the generous contributors who can make Stormbound-Kitty a reality. Thank you and welcome to the KAT!

  • Kepp has organized, alongside Sgamer, Buffet Tournament.
    In Buffet Tournament players crafted half-decks, decks composed by only six cards, and then mixed and matched them to create the best possible deck out of two halves!
  • Kepp has issued a generous donation to Stormbound-Kitty.
  • Kepp has organized, alongside Emkaem, Black Sheep Tournament.
    The Black Sheep Tournament imposed specific “black sheep” cards which had to be played before a win could be claimed.
  • Kepp has organized, alongside Strongraycool44, Designers Tournament.
    The Designers Tournament faced vanilla cards (cards with no ability) against non-vanilla cards to see which were the best.
  • Kepp has issued a generous donation to Stormbound-Kitty.
  • Kepp has organized Elders Tournament.
    The elders just arrived to Stormbound! Players battled using these new cards to prove their power!
  • Kepp has organized Small Random Tournament.
    This was a smaller tournament Kepp hosted while he prepared a bigger one, to keep the community entertained using random decks
  • Kepp has organized Pauper Tournament.
    The real royals of a deck are rares and commons! In this tournament decks were made only of those two types of cards.
  • Kepp has organized Sealed Tournament.
    No deckbuilding required! In this tournament you were given a random deck with which you had to battle your way to the top!
  • Kepp has organized Current Tournament.
    One of the first tournaments to try out battling at current levels, with each level being divided in groups.
  • Kepp has organized Generals Tournament.
    Prepare your battalions! A legendary in each deck, acting as a general to guide your battles! The most powerful general across the whole tournament would bring extra prizes to their players.
  • Kepp has organized Diamond Tournament.
    Only the top of the top could join! In a battle of wits and high strategy, this tournament was hosted for Diamond players only.
  • Kepp has written an Ironclad story called Eloth the Ignited.
    The little rodent, panting and sweating looked up. After his big runs to deliver the explosive, he always liked to look up at the clouds, it was peace…
  • Kepp has organized Kingdom Wars Tournament.
    The biggest tournament Stormbound has ever seen! The 4 factions battled against each other round robin style! Each player brought glory to their faction, and the MVP got extra prizes.
  • Kepp has organized HoS Tournament.
    The new Harvesters of Souls card was added to the game! Built by the community, this tournament was made to show it off, and see its power.
  • Kepp has organized Easter Tournament.
    A small tournament made in Easter, with a Steam game as prize.
  • Kepp has organized, alongside Derpyologist, #1 Tournament.
    The first tournament hosted in the Stormbound community, there were no prizes to gain, only honor and fame!