Hammer’s Wrath

By  Ayanami · April 2019Back to puzzles


Make sure your base survives until the next turn.


Spoilers! Click here to reveal the solution.

Start by playing Moment’s Peace on the Fort of Ebonrock on A2 to freeze all surrounding units.

Then play Wisp Cloud on B2 to destroy all surrounding frozen units.

Then play Rimelings on D3 to inflict 2 damage to the front Pillars of Doom.

Finally play Olf the Hammer on D3 to destroy both Pillars of Doom.


How to play?
Puzzles are not actually playable, like a real Stormbound game would. The puzzle showcases a static snapshot of a game, and it’s up to you to figure out which moves would need to be played in order to solve the puzzle.
Is it really solvable?
This puzzle was designed by Ayanami in April 2019. If you believe the aforementioned solution does not work for any reason, please reach out to the author or Kitty on Discord.