Update 10-2023

By  Kitty · Official · 10/2023Back to releases

Hello, Stormbounders! A new version of Stormbound is coming in October, bringing new cards, balance changes, and some exclusive offers!

Balance changes

This release, just like any other, will bring some balance changes.

Nerf compensation

As usual, some compensation in the form of coins and fusion stones will be provided to owners of Guardi the Lightbringer and Bladestorm, proportional to the level and rarity of the card. Find below the compensation values for each rarity and level.

  • common card  Common card: coin 10 coins at level 2, coin 20 coins and fusion stone 1 fusion stone at level 3, coin 50 coins and fusion stone 2 fusion stones at level 4, coin 120 coins and fusion stone 5 fusion stones at level 5.
  • legendary card  Legendary card: fusion stone 1 fusion stone at level 1, coin 20 coins and fusion stone 5 fusion stones at level 2, coin 50 coins and fusion stone 10 fusion stones at level 3, coin 150 coins and fusion stone 20 fusion stones at level 4, coin 300 coins and fusion stone 50 fusion stones at level 5.


When is the update going to be released?

Please find below a detailed listed of the October Update:

  • Balance Changes: October 1st 2023 (9:00)

All times are expressed using a 24-hour clock in CEST (Central European Summer Timezone).