A Matter of Duty

By  MorreXD · 1 minuteBack to stories

As a Joust Champion, I shall travel around my nation to compete in tournaments, so my people can be released from their arduous lives and enjoy numerous matches between the best duellists from all over the kingdom.
I shall inspire the young minds, fill their hearts with bravery and teach them about honour and duty, so they can become the next heroes of our valiant nation.

The others Joust Champions and I must take arms to protect our loyal citizens, whenever they need.

We shall charge our enemies without hesitation and fight with all of our strengths, even against impossible odds.

Our burning hearts filled with bravery and determination will never let us be dominated by fear and stopped by fatigue.

No matter what we are willing to give our lives to save the others, because that’s our duty and there’s no more glorious end than (die or dying) fulfilling it.

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