Avian Stalkers

By  Pepegak · 1 minuteBack to stories

Avian Stalkers: No one knows how they came to be. No one knows why they’re here. No one likes it when they show up. Especially enemies. Some elders, especially raven elders say that they are outcasts of Shadowfen. They also talk about another ravens who were exiled from Shadowfen, but that is another story. And now Avian Stalkers roam somewhere in the territory of the Neutral Kingdom.

But one day, they went to the Swarm of the East, for their fate. And they found there 6 little undead brothers. Apparently, teaching them summoning magic was their destiny, their duty. They, along with High Priestess Klaxi, who taught the Lich Summoners to summon undeads and replenish the army of undeads. There is little information about them, but many eye-witnesses repeat only one thing — they are very dangerous as they approach the enemy base.

Due to their origins in Shadowfen, they also crush opponents morally. Knowing where they are from, the enemy knights and satyrs do not want to approach even them. The fates of daredevils or creatures with a lack of intelligence were waiting for the same fate — Death. And only the clan of Ironclad Rodents is not afraid of their power.

Also, Avian Stalkers are afraid of another units, Unknown Protectors, but there is no words about them (no one sees them as if they were gone). However, there is another way to defeat them. Needs only a …

In the place about another way to defeat them, part of the sheet is torn off, so we can only guess what other way to defeat them is.

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