Blood Ministers

By  Zethes · 1 minuteBack to stories

A touch of this and a pinch of that was all the Blood Ministers really desired. They were really warlocks at heart, with magic flowing through their veins. However, they were stranded in the Swamps of Shadowfen, and thus needed a good force to make sure they were never alone. For people alone in the swamps were never alone for long.

So they created the Korodachi Strings, made of spider silk and mahogany. The little wooden boards, the fine little puppet threads… It looked perfect. Now all it needed was a puppet to control.

People were easy enough to find. Lost wanderers were always there. It just took a swish of the Strings and they were completely under the Ministers control. It didn’t take long for them to master their ability and amass a huge force. Entire platoons were taken by surprise.

However, they got cocky and tried to convert a massive force, at least twice as many Ministers were there. They soon found out that 12 knights can indeed slay 5 Ministers before getting converted. They realized that they could only take as many people as there were Ministers.

Soon, word of the Korodachi Strings reached the ears of the High Priestess, Klaxi, who demanded the Ministers be brought before her. The Ministers were able to convert all the guards who brought them to Klaxi, and made a deal with her. They would join the Tribes of Shadowfen for infinite string and wood.

And so it was done. The Ministers would provide an excellent force for Shadowfen for days to come. And the Ministers would be able to collect whatever they wanted now…

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