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  • Zethes has organized Infinity Tournament.
    The Infinity Tournament was played with the concept that winning any game would result in a gain of points, and the contestants with the least amount of points every round would get eliminated.
  • Zethes has written a Neutral story called Gifted Recruits.
    The Gifted Recruits of the Knights of Valour were not always as strong as he is now. Back when the Storm never arrived, He was a timid and shy little …
  • Zethes has won the 🥇 Stormbound Weekly Card Contest (week #10, themed Theme Throwback) with a card called Madjique.
  • Zethes has created a medium puzzle called Toad Revolution.
  • Zethes has written a Shadowfen story called Blood Ministers.
    A touch of this and a pinch of that was all the Blood Ministers really desired. They were really warlocks at heart, with magic flowing through their v…
  • Zethes has written a Neutral story called First Mutineer.
    The swift and agile Mutineers strike an agile and swift punch. They fight for what is right. Having their minor downsides is what makes them who they …
  • Zethes has written a Neutral story called Green Prototypes.
    It was as if you could still hear the buzzing of the chains and the clicking of the gears. The Green Prototypes are an expendable but irreplaceable pa…
  • Zethes has written a Neutral story called Lawless Herd.
    Although these creatures are known as one of the most powerful and investment worthy, they are still shy inside. The Lawless Herd was never brave.…
  • Zethes has written a Neutral story called Snowmasons.
    The Snowmasons were very rich repairmen and blacksmiths. They were handy with their tools and skilled with sledgehammers. They were pretty simple …
  • Zethes has written a Neutral story called Ubass the Hunter.
    Ubass was what his name suggested he was. He was skilled with axes and hunted food for the lands. When the storm came, he repurposed his aim into a mo…