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Do you know where the power of Earthfathers comes from? Maybe it is taken from the air, maybe they restore their strength with the Potion of Growth, and as some believe—they even eat their opponents!

I also asked this question, and visited the First Ubass Library located in a neutral kingdom. But the newest guides don’t even contain information about felines!

Therefore, I had to resort to extreme measures—travel to the territory of the Winter Pact. A very difficult endeavor that requires a lot of preparation, because of the cold. Not to mention the habitat of the elder dwarves is far in the mountains, so one should go with the most skillful climbers. The preparation time took about 1–2 months. However, this was only the beginning…

On the way to the Dazhmalumba mountains, our expedition was attacked by Frostlings, and some of our people were killed. Despite losing half our people, our group reached the top of the mountain, and met the first settlements of the Earthfathers.

They did not understand us, nor did we understand them. Therefore, considering us enemies, they attacked. We were able to fight them off and found an ancient book. And lo and behold! There were records of previous forwarders, their notes and, most importantly, a basic translator.

Thus we were able to speak with them not in the language of pain, but in their language. They said that their blood is turquoise—it helps healing wounds at an incredible speed. Unfortunately, we were not able to take samples, as it loses its properties when drained. We were delighted with this news, but we had a way back…

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