Flooding the Gates

By  Pepegak · 1 minuteBack to stories

Legend has it that the metals for this royal spell are mined in the dragon arena mines and near the Arkanspe mountains in the Winter kingdom. Thousands of dwarfs are working hard to dig up a kilo of this metal. Then it is sent to the Upgrade Point under the protection of the Archdruid Earyn and her joust champions.

And even with such a guard, the convoy still manages to be attacked by pirates and rodents. Many gallant knights die just to get the metal to its destination. There, by magic and mechanisms, the amount of this metal is increased, while deteriorating its quality. Even so, it is still highly prized in royal decks.

After that, the metal is sent to the territory of Shadowfen kingdom, where it is endowed with poisoning magic, which ultimately makes the spell even more deadly.

And only after all these actions, the royal metal is sent to the territory of the neutral faction. The sleetstompers work there, famous for their skill and speed of work. This is all placed in the hottest stoves and heated for thousands of hours to obtain a deadly liquid — molten Super-Neutralium.

Everything is strict there, and if you spill at least one drop of Neutralium, then inevitable death awaits you. Neutralium is poured into the largest iron barrel. And only then can the spell be ready for use. Flood the gates. Flood the gates!

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