Gifted Recruits

By  Zethes · 1 minuteBack to stories

The Gifted Recruits of the Knights of Valour were not always as strong as he is now. Back when the Storm never arrived, He was a timid and shy little creature. He got picked on in class and were never favored by the teachers. He had such little strength to fight back. All he had between them and total decimation was his helmet and his sword. In this sense, he was weak. His mana cost was extremely low. People never gave him a second thought.

Yet he believed. They knew he could be part of something more. He knew he could blow away the crowd. So he worked hard and fought bravely. One day, past curfew, he snuck out at night to this little place by the riverside and practiced his swords training.

When he found others like him.

These people were as timid and as shy as him. He grew to like them, and they worked as a team. They fought off every obstacle along their journey. He came back knowing he was part of something special.

The school was attacked by rouge frostlings. They were casting damaging and punishing spells upon the school. Bravely, the new and improved and certainly very gifted recruits advanced, sidestepped and parried all the frostlings attacks and saved the school from decimation. They knew they had power in numbers.

When the storm came, these little guys had nobody to turn to but themselves. He and his recruits hid out together with the rest of the independent neutrals. They now hone their abilities and prowess to the skilled art of battle. They truly are a huge asset to the team.

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