Green Prototypes

By  Zethes · 1 minuteBack to stories

It was as if you could still hear the buzzing of the chains and the clicking of the gears. The Green Prototypes are an expendable but irreplaceable part of a good army.

The Rodents were planning something. The entire land knew it. The farming had been a problem for eons; The satyrs had been doing it, but they were slow and lazy. The creatures knew they needed a more efficient solution, and a cheap one as well. The rodents worked ceaselessly to produce the balanced equation; The Green Prototypes.

They were never meant for battle. They were cost-effective and fast. If they were destroyed, they healed their attacker so no damage might come to them. Who knows? They might have been deactivating a faulty prototype. They were an amazing solution.

When the storm raged on, the prototypes survived the storms and thunders. They harnessed the energy and survived off the lightning. When the species emerged, they were surprised to see them still standing. The Chosen Ones repurposed them in battle. Using them for scouting and strategy was a good idea. Although they didn’t do any real damage when fighting a bigger opponent, the Chosen Ones realized if they were destroyed when no opposition was near, the medical supplies in the bots just wasted away.

Thus, they were used for more than your average farming tools. By repurposing them for a greater cause, they quickly became a driving force in the war for Mana Crystals. They are a stronghold of power, begging to be used.

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