Lawless Herd

By  Zethes · 1 minuteBack to stories

Although these creatures are known as one of the most powerful and investment worthy, they are still shy inside.

The Lawless Herd was never brave. That was an overstatement. If you dropped a stone in their pack, they would run amok. But one day, they learned to drop their fears and stand up for what was right.

The Herd resided in the Silver Swamps just to the right of the main lands. Most people thought they were unwise for doing so; That is what they wanted. Peace and quiet.

When they spotted the storm, they knew they were in for danger. Their leader knew that it wouldn’t hit them if they stayed in place. Everyone opted for this decision.

But one little satyr said no. He was tired of being timid and shy. He wanted to be part of something more. Something important. He alone marched up to the mainland to try and warn the others.

If there is anything the Lawless Herd is good at, it is being loyal. They all followed the young one and swarmed the mainland. It was only with their help that any people at all survived the storms.

At the end of the alert, as they all huddled back in the caverns, waiting for the storms to strike, they knew they had gained something much more valuable than the other peoples trust and admiration. They had gathered bravery. And that was all they needed. The Herd decided to turn a new leaf and fight for their kingdoms. To fight for their rights.

While being a weak creature, they were easy to summon. A single mana crystal was all that needed to be used for the initiation of the Herd. They became known as one of the most easy creatures to summon, fighting for its place in the eye of the storm.

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