Lich Summoners

By  Pepegak · 1 minuteBack to stories

During the reign of the Knights and before the Great Awakening of Dragons in the Stormbound universe, there was nothing but undead. They inhabited all the lands of all 4 Kingdoms, but their weakness did not allow them to participate in battles, taxing them.

On the territory of the neutral faction, there was one village — Fikarsihoy, which means “village of undead”. Mainly small groups of shady ghouls and mischiefs lived there. They were not needed, no one visited their village, everyone seemed to have forgotten them. But one day, avian stalkers came and entered one of the houses. They saw 6 undeads and decided to take them to study at the fort of Ebonrock. Why were they taken? Avian stalkers saw the potential in them, only in them. In addition, the High Priestess Klaxi taught them the magic of summoning.

And after a while, the lich summoners were ready. They learned to summon undead as well as stalkers, but not on death. They learned to summon undead as well as Klaxi, but not on play. They can summon undead with each successful attack. And the neutral faction became interested in them. They decided to recruit lich summoners, and test their strength.

They smashed everyone to smithereens, while increasing the numerical advantage over the enemy. Now they and the Fikarsihoy village were respected by everyone, and finally they paid attention to them.

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