Scrolls of the Focused

By  HylandMoon · 1 minuteBack to stories

The history of the newly found temple can only be found in scraps littered in the sand. Through some scrolls, only a piece of its history was discovered. The scrolls dubbed this structure the “Temple of Focus”. We’ve gathered all the excerpts for you to read, Commander.

Scroll 1:“Control your focus, it determines your reality.”

Scroll 2: “Giant blocks of limestone, hauled over by our men with determined focus. We’ve imbued magic from the Great [unknown translation] who gave our existence meaning. Now [unknown translation] is forever immortalized in this structure.”

Scroll 3:“The eye has opened. It looked at us, lending its power to us. We see more than ever. Focused more than ever. More control than ever. We felt limitless. The power can only be described as [unknown translation].”

Scroll 4:“We’ve waged war against [unknown translation]. With the power of the Temple, we feel unstoppable.”

Scroll 5:“We’ve destroyed their base, but when we arrived back home the Temple seemed cracked and damaged. The magic was weakening. Its collapse is near, but we’ve come prepared with our mana crystals to make another, and another, and another...”

Scroll 6:“Many theories of the Temple’s ruin have been developed. The running theory comes from the power it lends us. Once we use its power for a prolonged amount of time, it causes a drawback to its core on the inside of the Temple. This drawback comes in the form of a seismic pulse that cracks the temple and weakens its power until it falls apart.”

Due to the archaic language, some of the translation is left unknown but is still being translated as we speak. Come back another time, we might have cracked that code. With this knowledge, you can probably develop new strategies Commander.

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