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  • HylandMoon has written a Swarm story called Scrolls of the Focused.
    The history of the newly found temple can only be found in scraps littered in the sand. Through some scrolls, only a piece of its history was discover…
  • HylandMoon has written a Winter story called Ancestral Title.
    Ever since Olf was a little boy, he had a passion for combat. War was embedded into his family’s history starting with his great grandfather who start…
  • HylandMoon has written a Shadowfen story called Lost Faith.
    “They have no authority They roam free They join the majority They could always foresee They have lost faith --- They will betray They welcome change…
  • HylandMoon has written a Shadowfen story called Shadowfen: Unification.
    It was long ago, in the swamps lived many tribes of ravens and toads. All the tribes were separated from each other without order. This was a chaotic …
  • HylandMoon has written a Neutral story called The Collector.
    “When He was born, He lived His childhood in a circus which was a sort of family business. The circus that His family owned was always on the move, so…