The Balancer

By  HylandMoon · 2 minutesBack to stories

He is as old as the world itself. He and his counterpart are known as the Halves of Creation because they both come from one Greater Being that once created the universe. He is the half known as the Judge of Creation and he wields only a portion of power that the Greater Being once used. He would judge what creation of life his counterpart would create with his mystical powers of destruction. He was the one who brought stability to the lands that once thrived before the Storm. However, after he and his counterpart disappeared for many years the lands were left out of balance and eventually leading to the Storm.

The reason for their disappearance is unknown, but many scholars had suggested that he went mad for power and seeked to destroy all that his counterpart created. In the end, the Storm created was not strong enough to swallow the world whole. When he was 'reborn,' he was left stripped of most of his power. With a desperate grab for power, he would directly lead the battles for those who prayed to him, yet his mindset of balance had not changed. He would banish those he saw unfit to keep stability within his idealized world, even if it meant himself. With his power of destruction he would bring 'balance' to a broken world, but there was one being that stood in his way, the Bringer of Creation.

After endless battles fought between the Halves of Creation, none has come out on top. Having a body of a god still, he is able to be reborn over and over again without the consequence of permanent death. He has walked between the Realm of the Dead and Living much like his counterpart. When both Halves of Creation are in the Realm of the Dead, they are both intangible, so they converse with each other as if they had no quarrel in the Realm of the Living. No one knows what they talk about because they speak in a language impossible for mortals to understand. He has even spoken with the souls he has banished as they envy his immortality, but he has never regretted a choice he has made in the name of balance.

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