The Collector

By  HylandMoon · 1 minuteBack to stories

“When He was born, He lived His childhood in a circus which was a sort of family business. The circus that His family owned was always on the move, so He was able to see the wonders of His world. Through his adventures, He started collecting items to remember all the places He had been to. Many things in His collection included stones of many compositions and merchandise from local stores in the areas.

His most coveted prize however, was His enchanted throne that he got from a shady merchant. His throne was unique, it had tentacles that could maneuver itself. Also His throne had a curse, it would slowly consume the conscience of anyone who sat on it. He was not aware of this and He would ride on His throne for years, slowly losing His grip to reality.

His appearance started to show His insanity growing as He aged. His hair grew long and wicked, He started wearing clown make-up, and His collections got more malicious. His collection of toys and rocks were over. Now, he started collecting wealth and warriors from raiding kingdom after kingdom. He eventually got His hands on a scepter that would revolutionize his collection.

His scepter had the ability to make life from scratch for only three mana crystals, and with this He started making soldiers of His ever expanding army. With many failed attempts to raid the Four Kingdoms, He decided to lend His services to them to gain even more wealth. He swore to only assist the one who was willing to bid the highest price for His services.”

—Bounded Tales

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