The Creation of the Brothers

By  Owlmaster · 1 minuteBack to stories

Edrik looked over his small group of recruits. He had a mission to train his armies with as much diversity as possible. In the past, he had split the Warfront Runners into a second regiment and taught them the art of dragon slaying. Also, he had trained the Victors to use their blades with precision, using them to quickly wipe out weak enemies around them. The Army already put time into mastering a rather shabby, summoning spell similar to that of the Swarm.

Now, Edrik wanted to put a different spin on a Satyr formation he had seen in the East. The Knight had seen how the Dopplebocks used this formation to push into the enemies. However, Edrik wanted this new formation to be rather expendable, it's main purpose was only to take down larger units.

He commanded his new recruits to start channeling their mana.

Most knight formations were rather weak mana-wise, only those with great concentration like Temple Guardians could manage to generate large amounts of mana to spawn token units.

The Recruits barely managed to produce a single knight behind them. The knight was an incomplete token unit, his armor rusted and his lances broken.

Edrik made the Recruits repeat the procedure until they could produce several perfect knights. This took many weeks but the Recruits could finally do it. The token knights seemed to be very connected to the Recruits.

Strange, because tokens were always mindless and only served as expendable troops.

The Recruits formed a brotherly companionship with the tokens overtime.

Finally, Edrik could use this formation to dominate the battlefield, even though it meant that the Recruits would end up perishing only to leave a group of tokens to finish the assault.

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