Will of the Wisps

By  DarkShadoo · 1 minuteBack to stories

It was a day full of relentless fighting. The Swarm was on the defense for once, something they weren't used to, and had the Pact on their heels.

Fleeing to regroup, a squad of Satyrs fell behind, and were quickly frozen. From the tall grasses of the Eastern Savannah, Grim couriers came crashing through to fend off the perpetrators and save their allies, but were met with a deadlier threat. Wisp Clouds. The sky darkened, and with a flash of pale blue light, the frozen Satyrs were gone in an instant, reduced to nothing but snowflakes in the blink of an eye. Still forward the Couriers charged, too far behind to turn back, but were assaulted and defeated by the Rimelings who had used their energy to summon the Wisps.

The destructive power of the Wisp Clouds is nothing to overlook, and all other tribes should be thankful that their abilities only work on the frozen.

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