Goldenheart by Helios

By Helios · RegularEdit deck

  • 1 mana1
    Green PrototypesGreen Prototypes3
  • 2 mana2
    Dubious HagsDubious Hags3
  • 2 mana2
    Gifted RecruitsGifted Recruits3
  • 2 mana2
    Wild SaberpawsWild Saberpaws3
  • 3 mana3
  • 3 mana3
    Hunter’s VengeanceHunter’s Vengeance3
  • 3 mana3
    Temple of the HeartTemple of the Heart3
  • 4 mana4
    Beasts of TerrorBeasts of Terror3
  • 4 mana4
  • 5 mana5
  • 6 mana6
  • 8 mana8
    High Priestess KlaxiHigh Priestess Klaxi3

This deck (level ~3.00) is made of 12 cards: 9 units, 1 structure, and 2 spells. It contains 7 different races.

Its average speed is 0.75 cell on play. Its average mana cost is 3.58. 6 cards can be played as the first player (4 of them moving the front line), 8 as the second player (6 of them moving the front line).

Inefficient High Priestess Klaxi: This deck includes High Priestess Klaxi but doesn’t include a way to spawn many units of the same strength. Consider including Rain of Frogs, Azure Hatchers, or Brood Sages and Poison Cards.

High mana curve: This deck’s mana curve appears to be a little high, making it likely to be overtaken by aggressive cheap decks. Consider balancing the cost of the cards a little more.