Broodmother Qordia

By  HyperScrub · August 2020 · PlaystyleBack to guides

Broodmother Qordia is a pretty under-appreciated card because she costs a lot of mana and is essentially random, which means hard to pull off. In this guide, I will show you ways to play this card with maximum value.

It’s all in the eggs

Defensive usage

Using Broodmother Qordia defensively is a really risky move, because the mana cost is so high that it is likely that playing several other cards might be better.

If mana is not a concern, try to play her as a last card, so you get to play other cards effectively while there are no eggs lying around. This also enables you to leave some empty “pockets” for eggs to be laid there.

Just like with Rain of Frogs, eggs are a good way to prevent runners to rush through your baseline and into your base.

Offensive usage

The best use of Broodmother Qordia has to be a super-offensive play on the enemy’s baseline. Her ability to lay eggs around her makes her one of the only 2 units in the game able to drop a structure on the enemy’s baseline (Rockworkers being the other one). This gives incredible opportunities to “baselock” the opponent, by filling all the available cells on their line to prevent them from defending.

And because her eggs are considered structures, they cannot be frozen, poisoned, vitalized, confused, pushed or pull which makes them essentially impossible to clear without physical damage.

Note that Qordia has 1 movement, which means she will attempt to move after having laid eggs, provided she is not blocked to do so. With a bit of luck, she lays eggs on the side, and moves forward.

Alternative usages

Qordia has some other interesting offensive uses, for instance alongside Emerald Towers. Eggs layed in front of the Emerald Towers will hatch before the latter resolves, which grants an immediately buffed and moving unit. Beware of Twilight Prowlers though as this card can be quite a threat to this combo.

Another interesting use of Broodmother Qordia is when paired with Hearthguards. Because eggs are considered structures, Hearthguards’ ability works on them, which can be a powerful (albeit expensive) finisher.

And now, go practice and explore your own Qordia strategies and builds!

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