The Union

By Pepegak · 1 minuteBack to stories

Hundreds of knights die in this war, while the army of undead only grows. The Council of Knights of the Round Table has decided to seek help from the pirates and felines. Edrik “the Fierce” and the group of heroic soldiers were sent on this journey. Approaching the Pirate Arena, they were attacked by pirates, but Edrik said that he needed to see their leader.

The pirates took him and his army to the bay near Edindorf, where they were met by the pirate leader commonly known as Rogue Sheep. Edrik explained the whole difficult situation to the pirate, who agreed to help for a share in the territory and the advantages of the neutral faction.

Edrik, with Rogue Sheep and their unified armies went to the other inhabitants of the Stormbound world, to felines. The Felines proved to be friendly and were immediately taken to their leader, King Laurus. Laurus refused to help Edrik, and secretly said that Elders would help them.

Edrik had no choice but to go to the Oracle Bragda. He did not believe in Bragda’s help due to the strained relationship between knights and elders. Nevertheless, Edrik asked for Bragda’s help, and agreed to her terms.

Now at war with the Swarm of the East, the fate of the winners is sealed. With a colossal advantage, the Alliance of Knights, Elders and Pirates captures the pack and now these three communities now live in peace.

Everyone looked with horror at their power, added by the power of the Satyrs and the Undeads, and nothing could stop them. However, they stopped there, returning some territories to the Swarm and returning the former chaos to the world of Stormbound. But isn’t it good where everyone can be a winner and a loser?

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