Weekly Card Contest

By TaKo_G · OngoingCard builder

The following is a collection of all of the information to participate and/or vote in the weekly card competitions. Would you have any questions or want to be a judge, feel free to message @TaKo_G#0373 on the Stormbound Discord.

Breaking any of the rules from this page will result in your current submission being deemed invalid. If you change your submission by revisiting the form, it will once again be considered valid provided it doesn’t break any other rule.

The ability must be different from the previous one (or the art changed if the original was revealed without revealing the ability) in order to be considered valid.

It is highly recommended that you use the card builder to create your cards, as it closely resembles what your card would look like in the game. It also allows you to copy and paste a link to the card which is required to submit it for the competition.

When doing so, please use the “Share card” button. Make sure to select “Link only” in the “What to copy” field so it does not include the card stats as only the link is needed for the submission.

If you do not use the card builder to create your submission, you can upload your image to a hosting website such as imgur and share that link instead.

Submissions should be in the form of a link to the card builder or to an image of your card on a hosting service such as imgur. The form will not allow submissions of other types because they do not always work. If you are submitting from your phone: do not copy and paste a link from your pictures folder/album, it will not load and you will be disqualified unless you update your submission.

You are only allowed one submission per week. However, you can edit your submission as many times as you like before the cutoff time. If you want to update the text, art or stats, you only need to reopen the form and it should allow you to edit your submission there. Alternatively, you can send a link to your updated card and send it to me on Discord (@TaKo_G#0373).

Submissions can be made as soon as the week’s theme is announced (every Sunday) until Friday at 11:59pm (23:59) CDT. Please note that the cutoff time may not be midnight in your timezone, so it’s always suggested to make your submission early. I will send a reminder when you have 24 hours and 12 hours left to submit. The following day, the judges will decide on the top 3 cards of the week.

After the top cards of the week are decided, a community vote will open up to decide the ultimate winner. Community voting will begin on Sunday when the next week’s theme is announced and last for 24 hours. The winner will be announced on Monday.

Rewards will be given out to the winners each week (on Monday or soon after) as follows:

  • The community-voted ultimate winner will be awarded ruby 50 rubies.
  • The runners-up as selected by the judges will be awarded ruby 25 rubies.

If you want to be a judge, just message me on Discord (@TaKo_G#0373). You’ll be expected to judge several cards at the end of the week. If we are full of judges, I can add you to a queue and you can judge in the following week.

  • Card submissions must be made by Friday 11:59 pm (23:59) CDT.
  • Card submissions must adhere to the weekly theme. Cards that do not follow the theme will not be considered for voting, no matter how cool they may be.
  • Mixing unit types from different factions is allowed. A Swarm frostling or an Ironclad raven are totally acceptable.
  • Card art does not need to be present for submissions, and does not need to be original artwork. You are allowed to use any image as long as it is appropriate. You know exactly what appropriate means.
  • Only 1 card may be submitted per person, unless otherwise specified by the weekly rules/theme. Submissions can be edited before the deadline by revisiting the form.
  • A secondary card may be submitted alongside the first but it must be a token card created by the primary card, the same way Qordia’s nests are not collectible cards.
  • Judges are not allowed to compete in the competition and should refrain from helping the contestants with their cards.
  • Cards do not need all of their values filled. If you do not know what value would best suit the card, a variable (like ∆) is always fine.
  • Cards should not be shown to people other than judges until after the voting is over. This is to remove bias during the community voting round. If you made a custom artwork, please do not share that either.

Season 3 entries

Week #9 – Ancient Tribal

Card by TaKo_G

Ability: Before moving, give 1 strength to units you control that share a type with another friendly unit.

Week #8 – Deserters

Card by AlsterSkyreader

Ability: On play, convert a random frozen enemy units of 4 strength or less to fight for you

Week #7 – Scaling

Card by AlsterSkyreader

Ability: On play, gain 1 speed for every 4 remaining mana you have. Can’t attack base this turn

Week #5 – Exhaust

Card by Equinox

Ability: Deal 2 damage to the weakest enemy unit. If not possible, remove this card from your deck and deal 1 damage to both bases

Week #4 – Space

Card by RandomlyDrawnCard

Ability: Before moving, teleport to a tile with all its surrounding tiles being empty

Week #3 – Gadgets

Card by Nadernad

Ability: Equip to a target unit. Equipped unit gains the following ability: Before moving, deal 1 damage to the closest enemy unit or structure

Week #2 – Elemental

Card by Equinox

Ability: Target a tile. For 2 turns, friendly allies played on this tile gain 2 strength. If used on the same tile, make the effect permanent

Week #1 – Dual Purpose

Card by RandomlyDrawnCard

Ability: When played with no enemies on its row, gain 2 speed and move fixedly forward, else when an enemy is on its row, confuse all enemy units on its row

Season 2 entries

Week #40 – Finale

Card by Grimm

Ability: Destroy a friendly unit with 3 or less strenght. Add it's strenght and speed to all units in your deck and hand

Week #39 – Movement

Card by RandomlyDrawnCard

Ability: Energize a target friendly unit with 3 or less strength to move again

Week #38 – Quest

Card by Grimm

Ability: Always starts in your hand. Mark two random tiles in each row. Visit them all to transform this into 3 unburied treasures

Week #37 – Cheap Cheap

Card by Dewalian

Ability: If played in front of an enemy unit, force that enemy unit to attack this. On death, spawn a 2 strength satyr behind an enemy unit on the tile in front.

Week #36 – Passives

Card by RandomlyDrawnCard

Ability: While this is alive, gain 1 strength for each card you draw

Week #35 – Mythological

Card by RandomlyDrawnCard

Ability: Turn a target unit with 4 or less strength into a gold. Gold units become friendly structures

Week #34 – Sacrifice Swarm

Card by RandomlyDrawnCard

Ability: On play, destroy 2 surrounding friendly units, and next they are drawn, set their cost to 0

Week #33 – Army

Card by Equinox

Ability: On play, fly to the first open tile. If combined with a friendly unit, fly it to the first open tile and deal 2 damage to it

Week #32 – Flight

Card by Equinox

Ability: After attacking, fly off the board until the beginning of your next turn. When returning, select a tile to return to and destroy anything occupying the tile

Week #31 – Deck restrictions

Card by Giraudy

Ability: Give 3 strength to all units with no other units of the same unit type and deal 3 damage to all other units

Week #30 – Cloaked

Card by sqiri

Ability: On play, cloak all bordering units and structures that are not bordering any base

Week #29 – Neutral Race Elders

Card by Sewerrat

Ability: After surviving damage, replace a random non‑Pirate card from your hand. If it's a Pirate card play it on a tile in its row.

Week #28 – Curse

Card by sqiri

Ability: On play, curse all bordering units. Before attacking a friendly unit, gives it 2 strenght

Week #27 – Faction Felines II

Card by Giraudy

Ability: If the only bordering friendly unit type is construct, gain 2 strength, if it is rodent gain 2 speed

Week #26 – Programming Nightmare

Card by RandomlyDrawnCard

Ability: On play, increase the level of all cards in your hand to level 2

Week #25 – Faction Knights

Card by Mirceaboss

Ability: Before moving pull the first enemy unit in front.

Week #24 – Ancient Structures

Card by RandomlyDrawnCard

Ability: At the start of your turn, all friendlies that deal below 3 damage with abilities deal 2 extra damage

Week #23 – Apprentice

Card by Equinox

Ability: On play, add a 6 mana copy of the last spell played to your hand

Week #22 – Missing Piece

Card by Athena

Ability: On play, if your base has 5 health or less, deal 1 damage to all enemy units bordering your base.

Week #21 – Vitality

Card by Lyt

Ability: When played bordering a vitalized friendly unit, vitalize itself and all bordering friendly units.

Week #20 – Drawback II

Card by Ajmm

Ability: On death, deal 2 damage to both bases

Week #19 – One Mana

Card by Ajmm

Ability: Deal 2 damage to a unit with no or disabled ability

Week #18 – Power Creep

Card by DukeOfJuke

Ability: When played bordering a friendly dragon, deal 3 damage to enemy units, starting with the strongest.

Week #17 – End of Turn

Card by Lyt

Ability: At the end of its first turn on board, gains 1 strength for each other friendly unit on board

Week #16 – Faction Pirates

Card by 5agittariu56

Ability: After attacking, draw a card.

Week #15 – In-hand effects

Card by MooreFunn

Ability: When drawn, freeze 2 random enemy units

Week #14 – Drawback

Card by Pepegak

Ability: On death, give your enemy 2 mana

Week #13 – Echo Echo

Card by MooreFunn

Ability: On play, if there is a bordering friendly structure, return this card to your hand

Week #12 – Cross-Faction

Card by Athena

Ability: On play, push a random bordering unit away. After that, randomly poison, freeze or deal 1 damage to all surrounding enemies from the pushed unit

Week #11 – Overkill

Card by MooreFunn

Ability: On play, deal 4 damage to the weakest enemy. Deal all extra to the enemy's strongest unit

Week #10 – Spell Focus

Card by MooreFunn

Ability: On play, randomly cast a spell from your deck that costs 4 or less

Week #9 – Environmental & board effects

Card by Jerahus

Ability: Board effect At start of each turn, deal 1 damage to already poisonned units and poison units with 2 strength or less

Week #8 – Art Match

Card by Alialux

Ability: whenever a surrounding unit dies, deal 1 damage to a random enemy

Week #7 – Symmetry

Card by Nae

Ability: After surviving damage, poison every unit with equal strength

Week #6 – Anti-neutral

Card by Ajmm

Ability: On play, deal 3 damage to a random enemy unit or structure for each faction cards in hand

Week #5 – C-C-Combo

Card by Blastoise

Ability: Give 2 strength to a random ally for each 4 strength your base has, then give 2 strength to your base.

Week #4 – Faction Felines

Card by Ajmm

Ability: On play, destroy all bordering friendly units, then gain speed for each destroyed

Week #3 – Aggressive Structures

Card by Player_Null_Name

Ability: At the start of your turn, give all surrounding units 1 speed

Week #2 – RNG

Card by JotaDiez

Ability: On death, do a random effect 3 times: give 2 strength to a random ally, confuse a random enemy or deal 3 damage to a confused enemy.

Week #1 – Hunt

Card by FrozenEarth

Ability: Hunt a unit with 5 strength or less. It will be prioritized by attacking units. Draw 1 card.

Season 1 entries

Week #25 – Resourceful

Card by 22cires

Ability: At the start of your turn, destroy everything bordering your base with 7 or less strength

Week #24 – Wipeout

Card by OscarTodam

Ability: Force all units to attack a random bordering unit, give 2 strength to all units who survived damage.

Week #23 – Ironclad

Card by Todam

Ability: When played with no stronger enemy on the tile in front, erase the tile, move all tiles after it 1 tile towards this.

Week #22 – Theme Throwback II

Card by LemonJamulus

Ability: Spawn a 3 strength knight on the tile in front of each friendly structure.

Week #21 – Structure Focus

Card by Sarabanda

Ability: On play, create a 2 Mana cost Spell to your hand with this effect: "Give 2 strength to all friendly units".

Week #20 – Ambassador

Card by Lord Dracqi

Ability: On attack, pull units to this, for every bordering unit, draw 1 pirate.

Week #19 – Special Condition

Card by Zemeu

Ability: Spawn a 1 strength Pirate token bordering each friendly Pirate. For each Pirate in your hand, those tokens get +1 strength

Week #18 – A Hero’s Tool

Card by OscarTodam

Ability: Freeze all enemy units in the target unit's column, deal 2 damage to all units with 6 or more strength.

Week #17 – Love/Hate

Card by MooreFunn

Ability: Before attacking a unit, remove its on death or on attack abilities

Week #16 – Speed

Card by l3l

Ability: On play, discard 1 pirate card from your hand and lose 1 speed for every other card on the your hand.

Week #15 – Speciality

Card by l3l

Ability: Before attacking a weaker unit,push it away and Do damage of the amount of tiles moved to the it and all surrounding enemies.

Week #14 – Finishing Blow

Card by StompyTom

Ability: On play, remove this card from your deck and insert it into your opponent's.

Week #13 – Knights vs Pirates

Card by Blastoise

Ability: Before attacking an enemy, deal 2 damage to all enemy units behind it

Week #12 – Felines

Card by FrozenEarth

Ability: Before attacking a unit, force all enemy units bordering it to attack it.

Week #11 – Death and Decay

Card by Zyries

Ability: On play, build a 3 strength Tombstone bordering every friendly unit with an "On Death" effect which spawn 3 strength Undeads

Week #10 – Theme Throwback

Card by Zethes

Ability: After attacking, convert this unit to the enemy side.

Week #9 – Heavy Hitters

Card by FrozenEarth

Ability: On play, pushes itself forward.

Week #8 – Magicality

Card by FrozenEarth

Ability: On play, discard all cards and draw a spell.

Week #7 – Crossover

Card by Blastoise

Ability: On play, spawn 3 Bombs on random surrounding tiles wich will explode dealing 3 damage to all bordering enemies at the start of your turn

Week #6 – Tit for Tat

Card by JotaDiez

Ability: On play, convert your weakest friendly unit to fight for the enemy

Week #5 – Yourself

Card by JotaDiez

Ability: Before attacking a unit with 1 or less strength, convert it to fight for you

Week #4 – Shadowfen

Card by Alphanaut

Ability: On play, poison all units on the board. If they are already poisoned, drain 2 strength from them

Week #3 – Duo

Card by SBuckets

Ability: When commanded forward, gain 2 strength

Week #2 – Card Control

Card by JotaDiez

Ability: On play, add to your hand 1 random card from your opponent's Deck, then destroy this card

Week #1 – Strength in Numbers

Card by MooreFunn

Ability: Before attacking a unit, summon 5 poisoned toads with 1 strength surrounding that unit