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  • Vox has won, alongside Ajmm, Dracqi and Wolf, the 🥇 gold medal in Faction Heroes Tournament.
  • Vox has set up a Winter deck with tags Equals called Fun.
    FunBy Vox as Equals
  • Vox has set up a Swarm deck with tags Equals and Rush called Vox’ Aggro Swarm.
    Vox’ Aggro SwarmBy Vox as Equals and Rush
  • Vox has set up a Shadowfen deck with tags Equals called Vox’ Meta Shadowfen.
  • Vox has won the 🥉 bronze medal in An Equals Tournament.
  • Vox has organized, alongside Pixlz, Conquest Tournament.
    With a choice of three factions, decks are designed and modified on the fly throughout the battles. Each faction can only win once in each best of 3 set. Winners of a battle must switch to the remaining factions they have chosen.
  • Vox has won the 🥈 silver medal in Tornado Tournament.
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